Created For Families

GBP 21.60

Created for families! My best selling paperback manual, which comes with accompanying videos delivered straight to your inbox!

Get your very own first edition Insight Cards from Sarie Taylor!

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A beautiful set of 52 insight cards from Sarie Taylor! 

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Not just for those with anxiety, this journal from Sarie Taylor is the perfect place for you to reflect, share and hopefully have your own insights along the way. It can be used alongside the Insight Card Deck or on it's own, and helps us to discover things we never even knew were on our minds!

8 Week Intensive Coaching Programme with Sarie Taylor

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A 30 Minute Session,  plus unlimited voice messages Monday - Friday for the next eight weeks!

Plus, exclusive access to The Membership for the duration of the 8 week Intensive Coaching Program which includes live calls, guest experts and group sessions!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

12th April at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

We are all a part of numerous relationships in our lifetime, and at times when we feel our needs are not met, or relationships are challenging, we forget to go within and consider our own insecurities and how we can feel more empowered to put health boundaries in place, creating more healthy and rewarding relationships.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

3rd May at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Love and compassion is often the missing link for us as human beings to feeling so much better in our day to day lives. Our default is to love ourselves and yet over time we can habitually talk ourselves out of the love and compassion we deserve. I want to point you back in the direction of what you deserve, and what will also help you access your innate wellbeing.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

7th June at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

This session is going back to basics of this understanding. What did Syd Banks intend to share with mind, thought and consciousness and how does this then help us navigate life? I want to help you see the truth in what Syd said from your heart rather than your intellect! Let’s explore this wonderful description of life together.

GBP 48.00

The Membership, with Sarie Taylor, helps YOU if you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired of telling yourself, 'one day when'. You have frustrations and fears of getting it wrong and having to do it all, leaving you exhausted and dissatisfied. I help you to be able to unashamedly reveal the best version of yourself, with clarity, courage and intention. Enabling you to completely fall in love with life from the inside out.

Get More Support From Sarie with Personal Access to Her Voice Notes

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Need more than just a weekly group call?

Want Sarie in your back pocket?

Join The Membership at our Intensive level where you can have access to Sarie's personal voice note app, Voxer  from Monday to Friday during Sarie's working hours for that extra support when you need it, as well as everything else The Membership includes for you.

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